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what is pom?

What is pom dance?

Pom dance is an energetic and dynamic style of dance that places emphasis on precise and synchronised arm movements, formations, jumps, and skills. It is characterised by its use of poms, which dancers hold in their hands throughout the routine. The choreography in pom dance is typically fast-paced, visually appealing, and filled with high-energy movements.

Pom dance incorporates elements from various dance styles, including jazz and hip hop. Dancers often integrate jazz-inspired techniques such as kicks, turns, leaps, and extensions, combined with hip hop-inspired isolations and body movements. This fusion of styles creates a unique and vibrant performance that captivates both dancers and audiences alike.
Pom dance routines are meticulously crafted to showcase the dancers’ precision, synchronisation, and showmanship. Clean arm motions, sharp formations, and seamless transitions between movements are key components of a successful pom routine. Dancers work together as a team, ensuring that their movements are perfectly synchronised, creating visually stunning pictures and patterns on the performance floor.

Participating in pom dance offers numerous benefits to dancers. The style demands discipline, strength, and stamina, helping dancers improve their overall technique and physicality. The precise arm movements and formations in pom dance enhance dancers’ control, coordination, and body awareness. Additionally, the high-energy nature of pom dance helps improve dancers’ endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

Not only is pom dance a great way to enhance technical skills, but it is also an enjoyable style of dance to both watch and perform. The dynamic choreography, upbeat music, and vibrant costumes create an entertaining and engaging experience for spectators. Dancers themselves find joy in the energetic movements, teamwork, and sense of accomplishment that pom dance provides.

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