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what are dance skills?

What are dance skills?

In the world of dance, skills refer to the diverse range of technical movements, leaps, turns, and acrobatic tricks that are incorporated into dance routines. These skills not only add visual excitement and flair to performances but also require a high level of strength, control, and coordination.

At our studio, we offer a dedicated skills class designed to enhance dancers’ abilities and proficiency in various dance techniques. This class is usually held every Wednesday from 7:40pm to 9:10pm, providing dancers with a focused and supportive environment to develop their dance skills, however this class is currently on a hiatus over summer and we plan on restarting this class in September 2023.

The skills class covers a wide range of areas, including dance technique, flexibility, turns, leaps, and kicks. Dance technique focuses on refining fundamental movement principles such as alignment, posture, and execution of steps. By honing these technical foundations, dancers can achieve greater precision, control, and fluidity in their movements.

Flexibility is an essential aspect of dance, and the skills class devotes time to improving dancers’ range of motion, suppleness, and extension. Through targeted stretches, exercises, and conditioning routines, dancers work towards increasing their flexibility and achieving more expansive movements.

Turns, leaps, and kicks are dynamic elements that often captivate audiences. The skills class dedicates specific drills and exercises to help dancers develop better control, balance, and execution in these areas. Whether dancers aim to refine their existing skills or learn new ones from scratch, our coaches provide expert guidance and individualised instruction every step of the way.

The skills class incorporates a systematic approach to skill development, focusing on building strength, coordination, and muscle memory. Dancers engage in repetitive drills, exercises, and combinations that target specific skills, allowing them to gradually master and refine their technique.

Our coaches are highly experienced in dance and are passionate about helping dancers reach their full potential. They provide personalised feedback, corrections, and encouragement to ensure that each dancer receives the guidance they need to progress and excel.

Whether you are looking to improve your dance skills, practice existing ones, or start from the beginning, our skills class is designed to support your journey. Join us to refine your technique, enhance your flexibility, and master turns, leaps, and kicks. Our dedicated coaches are here to guide and inspire you as you develop your dance skills and reach new heights in your dance journey. Contact us today to learn more!